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1 hour sessions in small intimate groups

to unwind your body and mind

Breathe Online 

via Zoom: 

"Breathwork is an accelerated meditation programme"

Mondays 1:30-2:30pm

What's involved:

3 Types of Breath Practice in this 1 hour session: 

  • Mindful breath - find your stillpoint
  • Coherent Breathing, our natural breathing rate to retrain the breath - balance the nervous system
  • Integrative Breathwork (Rebirthing), a breathwork journey using the Conscious Connected Breath for health, life and empowerment. A powerful and healing breath - bring in new life, and let go of tension.

Payment according to means £0 - £10

Meet on Zoom

(link sent to your e-mail address on the day of  the meeting; you just need to download the zoom app to your device, phone or PC in preparation).

Dates & times - see list at bottom of page

Max of 8 participants.

"Bring": water bottle, mat, blanket, pillow and if you like more cushioning than a yoga mat, a thick blanket/sheepskin/sleeping bag to lie on.

Who is this for? These sessions are for you if: 

  • You are a beginner to breathwork and want to learn techniques to calm body, and mind.
  • You know that breath is our fast track to the body's stress response system, and that it's crucial to master this in life.
  • You have experience of other breathwork, e.g. yoga or mindfulness, and would like an introduction to these particular types of breath.
  • You are experienced with breathwork and would like a short nourishing  "breathe" with the conscious connected breath and to deepen existing practices such as Coherent Breathing.
  • You want to empower yourself by learning (or deepening) practices to use in your daily life, to meet stress, anxiety, trauma, menopause and other  life challenges from a place of true empowerment through learning skills for life
  • You would like to enjoy an hour of me time, in strongly held space, being guided to calm and nourish yourself, with facilitation tailored to your needs.

There is a vast body of scientific research that is growing every day, showing the benefits of breathwork to body, mind & spirit. There is an expression "heal your breath, heal your life" and it's my belief that this is true. 

Benefits of breathwork sessions include:

  • Feel calmer and more resilient in the face of stress
  • Enhanced mindfulness and focus
  • Feel more grounded and more deeply embodied
  • Relax, Rest and Restore your body and mind
  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Toned vagus nerve

  • Increased resilience

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Stronger immune and digestive systems

  • Greater ability to manage emotions

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Reduced pain

  • Improved heart rate variability 

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Feel more empowered and energised

  • Breathe more freely in daily life and so flow with life more freely and creatively 

  • Leave with practices and guidance information so that you can easily integrate the practices into your daily life

Read more details about how the session runs, and client comments below ...

Many thanks for this, I really appreciated this time and teaching. I practiced the techniques today and it really helped to calm myself.


The sessions will involve an introduction to the breathing practices for those who haven't experienced it before, you will then lie down in a relaxed position (although the breathwork journey can be experienced sitting for those who prefer).

We will start with mindful breath awareness and compassion. Creating an anchor of wellbeing to access in daily life. 

We will then practice Coherent Breathing - a simple, yet powerful practice, that has much science to back up it's immensely  positive effects on mind, body and spirit, including anxiety and depression. This is our natural breathing rate. Those familiar with Coherent Breathing will be guided to deepen the practice, to access "The Total Breath" and other more advanced practices. 

Then Deborah will explain Integrative Breathwork (Rebirthing) and you will enjoy up to 20 minutes of Conscious Connected breathing, to gently build energy, and to simply receive the nourishment of breath. There will then be a  relaxation period, to rest, sleep and integrate. 

Clients have described this Conscious Connected Breathing as feeling akin to a hypnotic trance state.  This is a short nourishing breathe, to build energy, and let go into the body. It is not designed to take you into any deep processes; those looking for  an experience of breath as deeper process therapy can attend the longer 2 hour

  Breathe Deeper Online sessions, but it's recommended to attend this shorter version first.

All who haven't accessed it yet will be guided to find the Coherent Breathing homework sheet, and the Coherent Breathing App to support daily practice.

At the end there will be an opportunity to share or ask questions for those who wish.

* What might I feel during a session working with Conscious Connected Breath?

* Precautions for working with the Conscious Connected Breath 

Learn More

I enjoyed a very rewarding and beneficial online breathing session with Deborah this week. The different breathing styles were well proportioned and flowed into each other nicely and there was generous time for us to introduce ourselves and also to share our experiences at the end. I really appreciated Deborah’s heart-centered and intuitive guidance which facilitated powerful yet gentle releases in my body during the final breathe. 

Really pleased, thanks so much.

Andrew Dunne

On line Breathwork Basics coming up...

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NEW Audio Guided Breathwork Album available now

This Breathwork and Relaxation Album is an extended version of my hour long Breathe Online classes, gestated during the last year since the first lock down. I also have a few copies on CD for the old schoolers, otherwise it can be live streamed, or downloaded (MP3 etc.)

It’s designed to support healing, calm and resilience, recovery from long Covid included. Tried and tested over the last year, so on top of the supporting science , I really know first hand this works, as do many clients.

Learn More / Enjoy 3 free steams before purchase x

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I thought that it was amazing - I felt a real sense of peace afterwards and as I said a mixture of relaxation and energy. I thought the format worked really well and it was good to have a check in and check out with the group, good idea to mute everyone in between that too.


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1 hour Sessions £50