Bath Breathing Circle

Integrative Breathwork (Rebirthing) ...

A breathwork journey using the Conscious Connected Breath for healing and empowerment

Generally the last Tuesday of the month 7-9pm in the Oak Room

but check full date list below 

Venue - Combe Grove, Bath, BA2  7HU

Payment according to means £15 - £25 

The sessions will involve an introduction to the breathing practice for those who haven't experienced it before, you will then lie down in a relaxed position (although the breathwork journey can be experienced sitting for those who prefer).

You will enjoy an hour of conscious connected breathing, to gently build energy, meet and integrate old patterns, and to simply receive the nourishment of breath. At the end there will be an opportunity to share at the end for those who wish.

I laid down and made myself comfortable. Deborah guided us on how to breathe. Music was playing in the background and soon enough I found myself on a wave of energy and tingling sensations in my hands and lower arms. When it was time to stop the Breathwork, I didn't want the sensations to go. Afterwards I felt relaxed, calm and energised. Who would of thought breathing can make you feel so good!


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