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Integrative Breath Therapy

Breath work has been integral to the work I've offered for years, including children's yoga, T.R.E and Lomi Lomi massage.  Recently, however, I have been experiencing breath at a new and very deep level with breath therapy.  Breath Therapy also goes by other names such as Conscious, Connected Breathing and Integrative Rebirthing.  Breath therapy can support us to breathe away deeply held tension and old held material stuck in our bodies. It increases oxygen levels, and improves the efficiency of our cells to eliminate waste, as well as generating energy. This can bring a new level of aliveness. It is a highly flexible practice that we can also utilise daily in moments of need or during other practices such as T.R.E. 

 Strongly held 1:1 breath therapy sessions can be profoundly healing and support emotional release.  During 1:1 sessions I can employ a variety of different techniques to support the movement of life, and the dissolution of limiting beliefs; these will be used as and when appropriate to the individual client's needs.

Breath therapy can help us to reclaim previously unmet parts of ourselves. It can be very powerful so I generally recommend that most clients learn T.R.E. first, before working with breath therapy, to gently clear the body as much as possible, before working deeply this way.  Breath therapy and T.R.E. practice work synergetically and together create a profound vehicle for transformation.

I am currently an Apprentice Breath Worker receiving ongoing mentoring, teaching and supervision with Brigitte Martin-Powell and Doug Sawyer at AIR

Here's the simple breathing homework I share with all my clients


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