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Lifeplus Nutritional Supplements

In our busy modern lives we all can benefit from nutritional support and we all would like to be healthy in mid to old age, thriving rather than just surviving.  Lifeplus can give you exceptionally high quality nutrition, formulated by scientists.  Many Lifeplus associates are doctors which is testament to the quality and science behind these products. 

I am a Lifeplus associate and can show you their health supporting range of nutritional supplements.  Their scientifically validated products range from daily powders, fish oils/seed oils and potent anti-aging anti-oxidants (OPCs), to specific, condition related supplements, sports performance and recovery supplements.

Whilst I am not a qualified nutritional therapist, I have completed the foundation year of a degree in nutritional medicine and as such can happily recommend these products and use them daily myself. I take the Maintain & Protect Gold package  which consists of:

- Daily Biobasics Power 

- Omegold Fish oils 

- Proathenol OPCs (see independent book review "Living Longer in Good Health through OPCs" - here

We recommend clients take the minimum of the Daily Biobasics Powder every day.

To Learn More or to Order click this button  & link to my Lifeplus associate page