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Online Zoom sessions

There are two basic 30 minute sessions to choose from, or they can be combined into an hour long session:

  • Session 1 : Mindful breath and Coherent Breathing (coherent breathing is the natural breathing rate to let your nervous system find regulation, calm and balance).    Fridays 6-6:30pm 

  • Session 2: Mindful breath continued and Conscious Connected Breathing (conscious connected breath gently builds energy and allows your body to let go. It can allow us to access altered states of consciousness)                               Fridays 6:30-7pm

It's recommended that beginners start with Coherent Breathing. 

Deborah will keep sessions fresh an​d relevant by introducing different quick techniques to bring online our relaxation response.

Breath practices can be learnt and practiced sitting at a desk, as well as lying down.

The core practices of each session will be approximately 20 minutes, leaving 5 minutes either side for theory and Q&A .

Read more detailed description further down this page...

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...peaceful and meditative.

What's involved more details:

2 Separate 30 minute Sessions (which can also be combined into one hour long luxurious session): 

  • Session 1: Coherent Breathing, our natural breathing rate to retrain the breath - balance the nervous system, find the state of "relaxed aliveness" our natural and optimal state for work, rest and play. As  our natural breathing rhythm it allows the nervous system, mind, heart and respiratory system find regulation, resonance and balance. Scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, depression, asthma and more ... and to calm your body and mind; it's safe and beneficial for all to attend whatever your state of health or age. Everyone needs to learn and practice this breath for optimal wellbeing.
  • Session 2: Conscious Connected Breathing, a powerful breathing practice that brings new energy into the body, whilst also letting go and allowing us to surrender. It helps us to more fully inhabit ourselves. This is a slightly more powerful practice and there are some contraindications to practicing this kind of breathing in an online group setting,  for those with certain health issues; please contact Deborah if you have any concerns. For most this is the perfect complement to learn alongside Coherent Breathing, as the two practices together  support us to restore our "natural breath".

Mindful breath is involved in both session to find your still-point, connect with your body and breath and come into the present moment to simply "be".

Suggested Donation according to means £0 - £5 for one 30 minute session £0-10 for a combined one hour session.  All welcome. 

Meet on Zoom

You just need to download the zoom app to your device, phone or PC in preparation.

Dates & times: 

Session 1: Coherent Breathing Fridays 6-6:30pm 

Session 2: Conscious Connected Breathing Fridays 6:30-7pm

(or book a one to one or team session to suit your diary)


  • Water bottle
  • If you want to practice lying down instead of sitting, then have available a mat, blanket, pillow and if you like more cushioning than a yoga mat, a thick blanket/sheepskin/sleeping bag to lie on.

Who is this for? These sessions are for you if: 

  • You are a beginner to breathwork and want to learn techniques to calm body, and mind.
  • You know that breath is our fast track to the body's stress response system, and that it's crucial to master this in life.
  • You have experience of other breathwork, e.g. yoga or mindfulness, and would like an introduction to these particular types of breath.
  • You want to empower yourself by learning (or deepening) practices to use in your daily life, to meet stress, anxiety, trauma, menopause and other  life challenges from a place of true empowerment through learning skills for life
  • You would like to enjoy some me time, in strongly held space, being guided to calm and nourish yourself, with facilitation tailored to your needs.

There is a vast body of scientific research that is growing every day, showing the benefits of breathwork to body, mind & spirit. There is an expression "heal your breath, heal your life" and it's my belief that this is true. 

Benefits of breathwork sessions include:

  • Feel calmer and more resilient in the face of stress
  • Enhanced mindfulness and focus
  • Feel more grounded and more deeply embodied
  • Relax, Rest and Restore your body and mind
  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Toned vagus nerve

  • Increased resilience

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Stronger immune and digestive systems

  • Greater ability to manage emotions

  • Improved sleep

  • Reduced anxiety and depression

  • Reduced pain

  • Improved heart rate variability 

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Feel more empowered and energised

  • Breathe more freely in daily life and so flow with life more freely and creatively 

  • Leave with practices and guidance information so that you can easily integrate the practices into your daily life

"Relaxed aliveness" is accessible to all of us; come breathe with us, calm your body and mind and find your still-point inside, let breath be our meditation. 

Was so blissed out at the end after having been on edge of my nerves for past few days. That kinda high might help me ditch the narcotics.

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These breathwork sessions are also a part of Frontline immune support an organisation created to support our frontline NHS workers with remedies, vitamins and services proven to support health and immunity. 

You can learn more or make a small donation here

These 1/2 hour online breathwork sessions are offered free to front line NHS and care workers, young people and anyone struggling financially.  Contact Deborah to set up sessions for your team now or just bring yourself, and breathe ...

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